When to Take Photographs of a Newborn Baby and How to Schedule the Photo Shoot

  As an expert Newborn photographer, when do you tell your customers to book their photo sessions and how can you manage this? This is a really common question that lots of pregnant women inquire. As a kid photographer myself, I have many pregnant women call me wondering just how exactly to schedule their toddler's appointment. Obviously, a pregnant woman does not know when she is going to deliver her infant, so booking a toddler appointment can become an interesting task. First, you need to decide how old you are interested in getting the infant to be when you actually perform the toddler photography session. My opinion is within the initial 10 days of birth you should be taking the baby's photographs to find the best outcomes.

That's what I tell my clients, but with that said just as recently as this week once I was taking photos of an 8 day old and she had been so powerful and alert I needed to be quite aggressive (in a gentle way of course) only to find a wrap around her! I started thinking about it, why not have the brand new mother come the afternoon she is out of this hospital? A new mum actually has more energy when they come from the hospital since they have been laying in a bed together with nurses helping them for a few days. Many moms are excited to get back to the real world also to their home with their new infant. After a week or even more of being home is when lots of times these new moms begin to lose energy as they're getting up at night without the help from nurses. So scheduling the toddler appointment to the day after the mother gets from the hospital is the best case situation for your mother and the newborn photographer since the baby will continue to be super sleepy. So how can you go about scheduling this?

Nowadays, there are many women who have an induction planned so it is possible to organize the photography shoot about that accordingly, but you still don't know if she will have the baby sooner than that, so how do you prepare to have the ability to fit that newborn photography session? What works best for me is that I set up the newborn appointment for two tentative weeks and I mark it on my calendar as an "all day appointment". So I know when I look at my calendar that I have a tentative toddler photography appointment which most likely will occur sometime within those 2 weeks. To ensure that a photographer will have sufficient time to match the newborn photography appointment in, just be certain to only have a certain quantity of tentative toddlers appointments scheduled each week. I won't ever have more than 2 tentatives scheduled per week, therefore I know that regardless of what other photography sessions I've gone on during that week I could still squeeze in a couple of toddler photography appointments. It's extremely important to me as a renowned newborn photographer that I am photographing the newborn within those initial 10 days, I really don't feel I can find the photos that I need and want for the parents and also for my own portfolio.  try here